Oklacon 2011: A Stitch in Time Saves 9

October 23rd, 2011
by Kabaka

With my car working sub-optimally, I had to get a ride to the con this year. I made it, but just barely: I showed up at almost 22:00 CDT Friday night. The friend that brought me had to get back home Sunday afternoon, so this was my shortest con yet.

Because of this, I also took the fewest photos. I typically take several thousand photos and then use my free time for the next month to sift through the images. I decided to try to take less than 1,000 this year. And since I was not there very long, I took even less: only 254 photos. That was chopped down to 216, and further down to 41.

In the interest of not spending all day on this, I’ll just post the images. If you want a big version of any of these, or you want to know if I took any photos of you that didn’t make it on this page, email me at kabaka at furfect.org.

Click the images to view a bigger version. Enjoy.

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Oklacon 8: The Great Depression

October 31st, 2010
by Kabaka

Oklacon is a furry convention held in the Roman Nose State Park near Watonga, Oklahoma. The convention sponsors Safari’s Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The theme of Oklacon 8 (Oklacon 2010) was “The Great Depression.” The convention took place October 27 through November 1.

All of the photos show on this page and many more can be viewed at kylewire.com/oklacon8. If you are interested in getting a copy of any of these photos, you can either acquire them through the automated proofs gallery, or contact me directly.

2010′s Oklacon was definitely the best one I’ve attended so far. This was my fifth convention, but Oklacon was the first furry convention I went to — I first attended in 2008.

That first year, not a lot of people knew me. In fact, I ran into only two people I had known prior to the convention, and we had not talked in years. I had my camera with me, though, so I was able to have plenty of fun taking photos and meeting other people doing the same.

I do know the Safari’s guys pretty well, though! After all, I lived at the park for several months, and volunteered twice weekly (or more) for at least a year.

This year was my third at Oklacon. I’ve met quite a few people since that first time, so socializing was a lot easier. Getting in was a little rough, though. My name wasn’t on any of the lists on the wall. According to the paperwork they had, I wasn’t pre-registered and paid or pre-registered and unpaid. The web site told me I was already paid, and I remembered paying at the previous convention.

Blue Otter remembered seeing my name somewhere as a Patron, which sounded familiar. I always buy a shirt, and I remember Pardus convincing me to go ahead and buy it as I pre-registered. After some juggling and switching lines about 5 times, it was all taken care of.

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A Furfect Domain Name

August 6th, 2010
by Kabaka

Way back in the day, furfect.com (not .org, which is what this site is!) was a medium-sized community. Over 100 new images were posted every day during its last month. It was getting big, and the community was very fun. The forums could have used some activity, but people were really enjoying the easy-to-use, simple gallery system.

Then disaster struck. Some idiot hit the site in a mass attack on all installations of the CMS that was driving the majority of the content. The database was erased. The back-ups were erased. Even the other 6 sites on that server got erased. All that was left was an activity log that told the whole story.

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